Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that people ask us.

What is the budget required for an SEO campaign?

The requirements of a campaign will completely depend on the keywords you want to target, the niche and location you are targeting, and the general competition of your desired keywords. We work with clients of all budgets, from as low as $200 per month to around $800 per month for a larger campaign targeting higher competition levels.

Our solutions are tailored specifically for your situation, and we can meet your budgets and your goals, so please chat with us today and we will be happy to provide you a no-obligation quote and some realistic goals that we can target for you.

Is SEO an ongoing requirement?

Yes, SEO is an ongoing requirement as it involves consistent work to build up your authority in Google to rank higher for more keywords every month. Our work helps build your SEO scores such as Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Page Rank, etc. and all of this helps Google see your website as a higher authority than your surrounding competition, and this is what improves your keyword rankings on a consistent basis.

Our campaigns are designed to provide a strong and ever-improving ROI (return on investment). This allows our clients to consistently run an SEO campaign and get a considerable amount of leads/conversions to continue scaling up.

We have no locked-in contracts, so you are always free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time.

What is the difference between Onsite and Offsite SEO?

Onsite SEO includes fixing all of the SEO-related issues on your website such as broken links, meta tags, images tags, page loading speed, canonical issues, etc. as well as making your pages more relevant for your keywords.

Offsite SEO includes authentic white-hat backlinks, content creation, social media, and other quality outreach strategies to improve your inbound backlinks. It also includes work on Google services such as Analytics, and Search Console.

Both onsite and offsite SEO is required on a consistent basis in order to achieve ongoing search engine growth for high volume keywords.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are hyperlinks that appear on other peoples websites that link to your website. The quality of backlinks can seriously vary and it is important that you are getting backlinks from high quality sources that will help your SEO, rather than hinder it.

Arguably, the best type of backlinks are those that appear on high authority websites related to your website. They should be included on high traffic pages and preferably within a unique content article that is written on the topic of the page it links to. The link itself should allow search bots to follow through to your website (not a ‘nofollow’ blocked link) and should have keyword relevant anchor text (clickable text).

The more high quality backlinks you acquire and the more regularly they are sourced the better your own websites authority will become. Backlinks are part of the consistent offsite SEO strategy that we offer, we build links from a variety of different sources such as high DA sites, social media pages, related blogs, and other high ranked sites.

You have to be wary of backlinks and how they are sourced, because many people create low quality spammy links that cannot easily be removed, and these can hurt your website. Contact us today and we will audit your backlink portfolio.

When should I start seeing results?

SEO is a long-term process that provides better results with time. It is not a fast process, but it certainly is a very effective means of advertising as it establishes trust, and leads that are very easily converted.

That said, we suggest keywords with varying levels of competition. The keywords with lower competition typically make progress within a few weeks and start gaining serious traction from the first month onwards. The higher the competition for a keyword the longer it will take to make progress, this can vary from 3 months to 6 months, and generally the higher the competition the more search volume or buyer-intent a keyword has. So over time the results just get better and better.

We generally choose keywords that will begin ranking on the first page of Google within 3 months. This ensures that you will start to see a ROI fairly early on from the campaign and this progress accumulates over time.

How are keywords chosen?

We love to get your thoughts on what you think your website should rank for in Google. Most people have a fair idea on what they need to rank for to achieve leads/sales and what is relevant to them.

We take these suggestions and do our own research to build a refined list of keywords with strong search volume, achievable competition levels, and a strong conversion opportunity. This ensures that the SEO campaign will reach your traffic and sales goals as quickly as possible.

Our keyword research specialists are very knowledgeable about keywords that will work and keywords that will not, and it is all about finding a balance between search volume, competition, and conversion opportunity, while also having a varied list for progressive results.

The SEO keywords that you target can either make or break your campaign, so we take this process very seriously.

Is it Google-Safe

Yes, all of our procedures are 100% Google-safe. We only work on Google-approved strategies to help your websites SEO readability and authority. It is important that we work in line with Googles requirements to ensure a safe and effective campaign to achieve long-term results.

Many SEO services out there, either intentionally or unintentionally, provide services that put your website at serious risk of a Google suspension or de-indexing, and this is usually in the form of old SEO techniques that do more harm than good, poor backlink practices (aut0-backlink software, PBN’s, linkfarms, etc.), or over-optimization such as keyword-stuffing.

If you are worried that your website has suffered a penalty or negative SEO that could be hurting your results, let us audit your website today.

How can I monitor your work?

We provide monthly reports for all work completed throughout each month, both onsite and offsite.

We also track your keyword rankings in all major search engines and provide a report that includes your websites movements over the month for each of your keywords. This allows you to see the exact trend that each keyword is on and therefore we can forecast results for you.

Unlike many other SEO services, our main aim is actually your ROI and bottom-line results. This is why we go one step further and track your websites traffic and even your conversions so that you can see exactly how the service is benefiting your overall business.

How can I get in touch?

Our primary and preferred method of contact is via email. We understand that sometimes things are urgent, but an email usually gets our attention and response immediately or within a few hours within our business hours.

We also welcome phone calls, Skype chats, online LiveChat, or handwritten notes sent via pigeon.

Frequently Asked Questions

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